9 Outdated Kitchen Trends From 2021

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Gray kitchen cabinets in modern kitchen

Kitchens are versatile living spaces. The only thing limiting the room’s design and features is a person’s imagination. However, that doesn’t mean homeowners don’t embrace similar kitchen trends to the point that they become dull.

Outdated kitchen trends of 2021 include some of the most popular features you might think would be lovely for your residence. Unfortunately, overused design trends can date your kitchen, which is the last thing you’d want if you choose to remodel the space.

In the eyes of many homeowners and interior designers, the kitchen is the soul of the house and often influences the home’s overall design. Give your kitchen a fresh look by avoiding these outdated trends.

Top 9 Kitchen Design Trends to Avoid

1. All White Kitchen

For many homeowners, the all-white kitchen is the pinnacle of a clean, chic space that allows hardware and appliances to shine. While a white kitchen will make the room a blank slate, which may seem like a good idea for prospective home buyers or homeowners who love a modern aesthetic, too many houses have this trend. As a result, it’s not as favorable anymore.

These days, people are abandoning the monochrome look and embracing nature-based color schemes. Blues, greens, and light brown tones for cabinets exude warmth to create a welcoming atmosphere (as seen below). If you prefer white for the brightness and openness it gives any room, consider incorporating warm whites or taupe into your kitchen remodel.

Teal and white kitchen cabinets

2. Speckled Granite Countertops

One of the most popular kitchen countertop materials is granite, as outlined in our guide to the most popular countertops. The natural stone has excellent scratch, heat, and stain resistance due to its low porosity. Despite the benefit of granite kitchen counters, the speckled variety is no longer trendy.

Modern kitchen designs lean towards a clean, minimalistic look, which doesn’t include speckled granite. People now consider dark-colored speckled granite to be too busy and overly detailed. Instead, marble patterns and engineered stone like quartz with simple designs in neutral colors are more favorable.

3. Frosted Light Fixtures

You might not give your light fixtures too much attention, but you should. The proper lighting will give your kitchen the illumination it needs to create a bright, open space, even if the room is relatively small.

Once-popular frosted light fixtures won’t give off the ideal lighting for updated kitchen designs. The shaded glass coverings reduce illumination, making the space appear darker and more enclosed.

Instead, install open light fixtures or clear glass covers that won’t restrict light. Brighter lights mean you can experiment with new colors for your kitchen without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Traditional Kitchen Faucets

Most kitchen faucets include one or two handles or knobs to control hot and cold water flows. Though many brands have beautiful sink hardware that will contribute to a kitchen remodel’s updated look, the functionality of traditional taps is now outdated.

Advancements in technology make it easier to operate a sink tap without needing knobs and handles. Installing a smart faucet allows you to wave your hand in front of a sensor or gently tap the hardware to turn the water on and off easily. The feature is incredibly convenient for people who have trouble turning knobs or need to clean their hands after touching raw meat products.

5. Basic Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel ovens, refrigerators, and mounted microwaves can give a kitchen a cold, industrial appeal. While that aesthetic has a history among long-time kitchen design trends, homeowners have more appliance options today.

You can hide some appliances, like the fridge, behind cabinet panels. If you prefer having stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, consider black stainless or slate steel for a warmer finish that will make your kitchen cozier.

6. Wood Grain Cabinets

Wood Grain Cabinets In Kitchen

One of the most common outdated kitchen trends of 2021 is wood grain cabinetry. Wood grain cabinets will quickly date your home instead of giving your kitchen a classic, traditional appeal.

Though wood grains produce distinct markings that could seem desirable in hardwood flooring, they make cabinets look dull and plain. Alternatives to traditional wood cabinets include pantry-style cabinets and space-saving shelves.

7. Double Wall Ovens

A former staple of luxury kitchens is the double wall oven. These units allow people to cook multiple items at different temperatures. Installing them requires cabinet renovation and can take away precious storage space to maximize the oven’s capacity.

Not every household needs a double wall oven. If you don’t intend to cook large meals often, you could make do with a single oven and range. Adding other cooking appliances to your kitchen, like built-in convection ovens, InstaPots, and air fryers, allows you to cook the dishes you love without needing an extra oven.

8. Unnecessary Soffits

Soffits are structures contractors install between cabinets to hide the room’s mechanical and electrical components, including wiring and vents. The boxy structure generally serves a purpose. However, some kitchen designs include them as a way to fill and decorate the space.

The problem with decorative soffits is that they can make the kitchen look crowded. They take up valuable space that you could use to raise existing cabinets, install new shelves, or add a taller pantry-like cabinet.

9. DIY Backsplashes and Painted Cabinets

The DIY kitchen remodeling trend allows for creative expression. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills or tools to complete projects correctly. Cabinet paint jobs and backsplash installation are typical do-it-yourself projects, but they don’t always look well-done.

For instance, some wood cabinets are tricky to paint well because the wood grain and texture are challenging to cover. Painting them can unintentionally ruin the cabinets’ visual appeal because exposed grain doesn’t work well with certain paints and colors. DIY backsplashes can also look amateurish without the proper execution and will lead to ongoing frustrations.

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