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Kitchen using different kitchen design ideas

Kitchens often serve as the heart of a home. From these spaces, we create delicious meals, share good conversations, and live out the day-to-day moments of our lives. We build beautiful memories set against the backdrop of a well-designed, comfortable, and functional space. This is why homeowners look into kitchen designs for new homes or remodeling projects.

As a homeowner, you owe it to yourself to make the most of your home, inside and out. This blog covers twenty unique kitchen designs to help you build the kitchen you’ve always wanted. 

Twenty Beautiful Kitchen Designs for Your Perfect Home

1: Invest in Granite Countertops

Granite countertops in white kitchen

For a touch of luxury, consider upgrading your kitchen countertops. Choose richly marbled granite to give your white kitchen an elegant, stately accent. For a bold effect, match dark walls to ebony granite surfaces.

You can also choose from other kitchen countertops.

2: Kitchen Islands with Cooktops

Make the most of your kitchen’s floor space by installing a kitchen island. These versatile kitchen add- ons can serve as additional storage, countertop seating, cooking stations, and more. Choose a kitchen island that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic while meeting your space and functionality needs. 

3: Walk-in Pantry

Have you ever wanted more storage space in your kitchen? Consider a walk-in pantry.

You may be able to turn an existing hallway or utility closet into a pantry. You can clear up cabinet space and implement a dependable food organization system.

Alternatively, you can find or create space to build a new pantry. 

4: Extra Storage

Kitchen with lots of cabinets

Does your kitchen lack space for all of your favorite appliances, food, and tools? Like many homeowners, you may be tired of looking at bare walls in your kitchen and having nowhere to store your dishes.

Consider installing new cabinets or storage spaces. 

5: Connect the Dining Room

Want to make your meals more of a family experience? Consider opening your kitchen to connect directly to your home’s dining room. Connecting these spaces makes prep, cooking, dining, and clean-up easier and more accessible. Plus, the chef won’t feel separated from family and friends while they cook!

6: Change Up the Lighting

Most kitchens contain a single overhead light and oven light. While these lighting options provide sufficient light, they may be inadequate for busy kitchens. They could also lack energy efficiency. Boost your kitchen’s cozy atmosphere and reduce utility bills by choosing chic new lighting fixtures and LED bulbs. 

7: Faux Tiles

Want to add a touch of color and break up the monotony of a poured concrete or acrylic floor? Try painting on faux tiles. Simply line your floor with a gridwork and fill in alternating squares with the color of your choice.

8: Black Tiling

Are you looking to make a bold statement with your kitchen décor? Pair shiny, black tile with eye-catching accents to reflect light and make the most of a small kitchen.

9: Make Appliances Part of the Background

Kitchen with disguised appliances

To create a minimalist effect, place tile or hidden doors around oven hoods, toaster ovens, and other appliances to make them seem like part of the kitchen’s background.

10: Create a Bright and Cozy Space

Turn any kitchen into a cheery place of food and family by using bright colors on your cabinets and accents. Opt for soft, sunny yellows accented by natural wood for a cozy farm-style kitchen.

11: Choose Simplicity

To build a kitchen that supports both rustic and elegant approaches, opt for whites, creams, and greys when choosing paint for walls and cabinets or when choosing designs for a tile backsplash or floor.

12: Go Modern

Modern white kitchen

Kitchens don’t have to be noisy and bright. Make your kitchen have a more Zen feel by choosing uncluttered, single-hued walls and appliances. Complete the effect by designing hidden storage into your kitchen island, cabinets, or walls for the ultimate in modern minimalism.

13: Ditch the Boring Ceiling

If you want to have fun with your kitchen remodel design, consider painting your kitchen ceiling. Choose complementary colors to the walls, cabinets, or other areas of your kitchen.

14: Create an Indoor Kitchen Garden

When it comes to design, kitchen remodeling experts like to follow their client’s inspiration. Have you always dreamed of having a garden? Use your remodel to install a functional herb garden right in your own kitchen.

15: Go for Open Cabinets

Don’t like the look created by numerous cabinet doors? Opt for open cabinet kitchen designs instead. Choose artful shelves that craftily display your kitchen supplies or install curtains for a bohemian look.

16: Choose a New Tile Pattern

Herringbone pattern kitchen backsplash

If you like the look of tile but want to shake up your kitchen design, consider choosing a different tile pattern. Instead of standard checkerboard patterns, choose herringbone designs for a creative and textured look.

17: Glam It Up with Lacquer Finishes

To make royal purples and metallic finishes really shine, go for a lacquer finish on your kitchen cabinets. This high-gloss finish adds light reflection and a classy air to any kitchen.

18: Get Creative with Your Backsplash

Are you tired of looking at aging tiles or boring checkerboard designs? Switch up your kitchen’s backsplash to a high-fashion design. Choose abstract patterns or bright colors with swirls, and use the space to express your artistic taste.

19: Colored Glass Cabinets

Turn otherwise plain cabinet doors into bold accent features by choosing cabinet doors with colored glass. For cabinets with white or natural wood finishes, choose bold glass colors like deep blue or red.

20: Knock Down the Wall

Open concept kitchen

Last but not least, demolition. Consider expanding your available space if you want more freedom with your kitchen designs. By knocking down the walls between your kitchen and dining room or living room, you can make multiple rooms in your home feel more inviting and comfortable.

Speak to remodeling professionals to consider removing walls to open up floor space and make your kitchen roomier.

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