How Much Can A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Atlanta?

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Have you not been able to stop thinking about remodeling your kitchen?

Kitchens are more than just a place to prepare food. They’re where you make precious memories with your loved ones. It’s part of where your morning routine happens, from drinking coffee and eating breakfast to watching the news. 

You should feel warm, welcome, and happy when you walk into your kitchen.

But, this isn’t what you feel when you step into your kitchen. It could be it looks out-of-date, doesn’t have the layout you need, looks dim and dingy, or something else. Having a kitchen you love makes a kitchen remodel one of the best investments you can make in your home.

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What Does A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost?

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The cost for a high-end kitchen remodel can range from $35,000 to $85,000 and higher. It mainly changes based on the extent of the remodel, overall design, kitchen size, material choice, age, damages, appliances, additions or upgrades, and finish choice.

A basic high-end kitchen remodel can cost about $35,000. It can include a signature cabinet line, granite countertops, and new tile backsplash.

An average high-end kitchen remodel can cost about $58,000. It can include semi-custom cabinetry, minor layout reconfigurations, quartz countertops, tile backsplash, and additional lighting.

A higher-end high-end kitchen remodel can cost $85,000 and higher. It can include an open concept conversion, semi-custom cabinetry, layout reconfigurations, premium countertops, premium backsplash, new flooring, new lighting upgrades, and a mid-range appliance package.

*Prices are averages and mainly change based on the factors below

What Can Cause A Kitchen Remodel Cost To Change?

1. The extent of the remodel

You can do a full kitchen remodel or you can choose to change one or a few parts.

Remodeling an entire kitchen will cost more than just doing parts of it. If you want, you can remodel it in stages to keep costs down. The more you want to do, the higher the cost will be.

2. Overall design

Here, it’s complex vs simple.

Complex designs take more planning, time, and labor to create. This can mean removing or adding walls, moving fixtures, and more. More simple designs take less time and labor and thus cost less.

3. Kitchen size

Your kitchen remodel cost will also change based on the overall size of the space.

Larger kitchens tend to be more expensive because they take more time, materials, and labor to finish. Smaller kitchens can still be costly depending on the other factors on this list.

4. Material choice

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Your materials can have a huge impact on the total project cost.

Higher-end materials look incredible, usually look better for longer, and bring an air of elegance to kitchens. This raises their cost, as does the fact they’re harder to get and make. Lower-end materials can still look good, but they don’t have the same effect.

5. Age

Your kitchen remodel cost can change based on age.

This is because older kitchens usually need more work to bring them up-to-date. Plumbing, electrical, appliances, and other parts may need updating during the remodel. Newer kitchens are easier because they have more modern parts.

6. Damages

If a contractor finds damages they’ll need fixing before moving on.

It’s not uncommon to find damages before and during a remodel. Wood rot and water damage are the most common finds. It’s best to fix damages before continuing so they don’t get worse and more costly to fix.

7. Appliances

Kitchen with modern appliances

You’ll love the new technology people are coming out with when it comes to appliances, even if it raises your kitchen remodel cost.

New, top-of-the-line appliances are fun and useful. Smart refrigerators, smart ovens, and even smart microwaves are popular options. They may come with a heftier price tag, but it’s worth it with how easy it makes using your kitchen.

8. Additions or upgrades

You can add extras or choose upgrades for your kitchen.

Adding something like custom cabinetry or a wine rack will increase the cost. But, it’ll also increase the amount of enjoyment you get from your kitchen.

9. Finish choice

Painting, staining, and other finishes change how much a kitchen remodel costs. It mostly comes down to which you choose as the materials can have different prices.

Bring Your Kitchen Into The Present With A Remodel

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Did this clear up your kitchen remodel cost question? Hopefully, you’re now one step closer to getting your ideal kitchen. We don’t want you to have to “deal with” your kitchen. Instead, we want you to look forward to being in and using it.

Contact us to talk about your kitchen remodel or visit our kitchen remodeling page for more information.

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