Replace or Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets: Choosing the Best Option

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One of the most daunting tasks of a kitchen remodeling project is redoing the kitchen cabinets. Is it best to play it safe by refacing your cabinets for a quick and convenient update? Or should you take a stab at replacing all of the cabinets which can instantly transform the space into the kitchen of your dreams? 

The cabinets serve as the backbone of the kitchen, providing both style and function. Whether you decide to replace or reface, 33 North Homes & Construction offers a wide range of state-of-the-art kitchen cabinetry solutions designed to boost the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while ensuring that you have all the storage space you need. 

What’s Involved in Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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Refacing, also commonly referred to as resurfacing, is the best way to give your existing kitchen cabinets a much-needed facelift. The refacing process essentially involves stripping the cabinetry of its elements, including the front doors, drawers, all of the hardware (knobs, hinges, trim, etc.), and the skin panels. The core structure of the cabinets is left intact.  

Many homeowners decide to reface their kitchen cabinetry rather than replace them because it’s a less invasive process. You can expect the entire job to take approximately four days to complete depending on if you’re having additional work done to match up the cabinets and countertops, adding a new kitchen island, or redoing the backsplash.

There are numerous styling options and a broad spectrum of colors you can use when refacing your cabinets. You can add new decorative hardware and use soft-close, hidden hinges for a seamless look and noise-free opening and closing.

Are Your Cabinets A Good Candidate for Refacing?

Before you decide to go ahead with refacing your cabinets, consider these two factors:

1. Quality Matters 

If you’re starting with high-quality wood kitchen cabinets in good condition, refacing is an excellent option. Low-quality cabinetry won’t stand the test of time, and you’ll have to replace them eventually.

2. Age 

How old are your kitchen cabinets? Are they the original cabinets? Outdated cabinets might be harder to reface. Homeowners are better off investing in new cabinets if they have yet to replace the original ones. 

Why Do Homeowners Choose to Reface Their Cabinets

Less Expensive 

Many homeowners opt for refacing or resurfacing because it’s the most cost-effective solution to updating old and unattractive kitchen cabinetry. A professional refacing job can be 30-50% cheaper than replacing their kitchen cabinets.


The refacing process typically takes less than a week to complete and requires significantly less downtime than completely replacing all of your kitchen cabinets. Homeowners won’t have to worry about their kitchen turning into a red construction zone for several weeks.


Refacing is better for the environment than a replacement. The contractor will only remove the doors and drawers, leaving behind the cabinet’s frame, reducing the amount of waste and consumption of new resources. 

What Should You Know About Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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While cabinet refacing is an appealing option, it’s not the right choice for every homeowner. Keep in mind that refacing alters the look of your cabinets and doesn’t improve their usability. If you despise the layout of your kitchen or the construction of the cabinets is terrible, replacing them is the best approach.

If you’re launching a full-on kitchen renovation, replacing your cabinet set is likely the first thing on your list. Replacement allows you to radically change the layout and functionality of your kitchen to meet the cooking, eating, and entertainment needs of your family. 

Replacing your cabinet set is a labor-intensive process that starts with ripping out the existing cabinets and starting from scratch. Before a contractor even steps foot into your home, you’ll need to select a new set of cabinets. 

You can purchase a modern cabinet set from big box stores or a vendor. Investing in custom cabinets allows you to create the cabinets of your dream, and they’ll be unique to your home. However, custom-made kitchen cabinets take several weeks to build and ship.

Benefits of Installing New Cabinetry

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Although the replacement process can be grueling, it’ll be worth it once the contractors achieve the finished look. New kitchen cabinets offer the following benefits:

Increased Storage Space 

Are you tired of complaining about cluttered countertops because of limited cabinet space? You can get as much storage space as you need by installing bigger cabinets with lots of room to accommodate your items. If you plan on purchasing custom kitchen cabinets, you have the luxury of determining the specifications of the cabinets. 

Compliment Interior Design

The cabinets take up a lot of surface space in your kitchen. If they don’t blend with your home’s interior design, it could throw off the look. New kitchen cabinets are the perfect opportunity to improve your home’s aesthetics. 

Increases The Value

If the original kitchen cabinets are outdated, replacing them is one of the best decisions you can make because it will boost your property’s value if you ever decide to sell it.

When Is It Necessary to Replace Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are in bad condition: Refacing your cabinets is not an option if the cabinets are in poor shape and if they aren’t structurally sound. Water damage, extreme wear and tear, and mold growth are obvious indications that replacement is crucial.

Redesign your kitchen layout: If you are in desperate need of more storage space and need flexible functionality options, a whole new set of cabinets can do just that. 

Professional Cabinet Refacing and Installation From 33 North Homes and Constructions 

Refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets are viable options for revamping your kitchen and improving its functionality. At 33 North Homes and Construction, we believe that every homeowner deserves to have the kitchen of their dreams. We provide the best kitchen remodeling services in Georgia. 

Let our experts help you explore all of your kitchen cabinetry options before you make your final decision. Fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.